Creature Collective Paonia

Creature Collective is a shop built around the notion that within the modern day society built on capitalism and materialism, we as consumer can make choices towards products crafted with durability, functionality, longevity, transparency, simplicity and beauty in mind. 

Less crap, more quality.  Less trash, more reuse.  This is our goal, and our joy as we ourselves make the transition to a less wasteful existence. 

We began as a small natural dye studio and shop space in 2016 started by Kate, and have evolved to become a family affair with Mona, Kate's mother, running the shop, Kate's one year old daughter Thryn running everything, and husband Wind running the edible and medicinal plant nursery.  The project is evolving as we are, and we hope you'll join us by visiting, shopping, and by participating in one of our workshops.